The app will start and stop by itself

Auto tracking with iBeacon

The Driversnote iBeacon keeps track of when you drive in your vehicle and make sure the app records all your trips automatically in the background. You will never forget to log a trip again. Keep the phone in your pocket and let the phone start and stop by itself.

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How does it work?

When you place an iBeacon in your car, the app can detect when you enter your vehicle, automatically tracking your trips. Even when the app is closed.

Your phone detects the Driversnote iBeacon and registers that you’ve entered the car.
When you drive, it helps record your trip from start to finish. No need to open the app.
When you exit your car, the app stops recording. We’ll send you a notification letting you know that the trip was logged.

Intelligent classification

The app recognizes who you visited and classifies the trip. Either as business or personal based on your work hours and previous trips you’ve logged.

More about classifying

Get started

The Driversnote iBeacon is part of the Basic Subscription. When you upgrade you’ll get the option to get an iBeacon included in the subscription. Make an order and simply place the iBeacon in your car to get started.

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Frequently asked questions

The Driversnote iBeacon is a small Bluetooth device that transmits a signal. When you place the iBeacon in your car, your phone picks up the signal every time you get into it and the app automatically begins to track your journey. When you exit the car by the end of your journey, the app finishes recording your trip.

Just place it somewhere in your car. It’s smaller than an apple and fits almost anywhere.

The iBeacon works with Android and Apple phones. However, with iPhones, we recommend using an iPhone 6S or newer.

Nope. The iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which has a minimal amount of battery usage.

If you upgrade to our Annual Basic Subscription, we’ll send you an iBeacon for free.

The iBeacon retails for €37, but we will send one to you for free if you choose our annual subscription plan.

You can order an iBeacon when you upgrade to our Basic Subscription. Choose an annual subscription and we’ll even throw one in for free.

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