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30 May 2023 - 2 min read

Gig economy

The gig economy refers to a modern labor market where short-term, flexible, and freelance work arrangements are prevalent. In many cases enabled by digital platforms such as Lyft, Uber and DoorDash. Freelancing individuals can take on multiple gigs or jobs instead of traditional full-time employment.

In the gig economy, workers have the freedom to choose when, where, and how much they work. They can set their own schedules, accept or decline gigs, and work for multiple platforms simultaneously. This flexibility can be beneficial for those seeking work-life balance or additional income.

However, gig workers may face challenges such as income instability and lack of traditional benefits. The gig economy has sparked discussions around fair labor practices and social protections for workers.

Despite challenges, the gig economy has created new opportunities for individuals to both earn money and to conveniently access on-demand services. Policymakers and businesses are striving to find the right balance between flexibility and security in this evolving landscape of work.

In summary, the gig economy offers flexible work arrangements through digital platforms, providing opportunities and challenges for workers in a changing labor market.


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FAQ about gig economy

The term 'gig' in the context of the gig economy actually originated from the 1920s jazz scene. During that time, jazz musicians had their own slang, and they used the word 'gig' to refer to their concerts or performances. Consensus is that “gig” is derived from the word ‘engagement’.
’Gig’ refers to a delimited piece of work, like playing a concert, delivering something, consultancy work etc. The term ‘gig economy’ refers to the economy built around gig work, where it is common that companies facilitate and utilize gig workers.

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